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The chemical-mechanical polishing, barrelling, tribofinishing or trovalisation is a process that allows to modify the surface state and the edges of metal, synthetic material, ceramic parts, etc...

By immersing them in an abrasive mixture set in vibratory, oscillatory or rotary motion in an open or closed tank.

The result obtained (deburring, scoring, polishing, shining, cleaning, degreasing, matte effect) is due to the friction between the parts and the abrasive mixture.

It depends on :

  • The type of equipment used.
  • The composition of the abrasive mixture.
  • The speed parameters.
  • The duration of the operation.


What is tribofinishing for?

  • Deburring, scribing: Removal of burrs, breaking of edges, removal of sharp corners.
  • Polishing, shining, matte effect: Improvement of rough surfaces, polished, shiny, matte appearance.
  • Cleaning, degreasing: Removal of impurities and grease from all types of surfaces.

Types of parts by:

  • Machined parts (Carabiners, Fingers, Pulley supports, Rings...)
  • Deep drawn parts (Flanges, Hinges, stamped parts, machined parts...)
  • Metal/plastic parts from additive manufacturing (3D Printing)



The main advantages :

  • Plurality of part types.
  • Small, medium and large series.
  • Economical process.

But also...

  • Less wear on your components.
  • Work on the bearing capacity: Modification of the sliding coefficient.
  • Very low roughness. Reduction of friction.
  • Improvement of corrosion resistance.
  • Improvement of the resistance to pitting.



Tribofinishing is a technique for deburring, radiusing, polishing, shining, degreasing and cleaning metal or plastic parts.

Our machines and tools are capable of adapting to small, medium and large series, whatever the complexity of the parts. Vibroabrasion is the treatment of parts that are immersed in a mixture of abrasives and additives (specially treated water) in a Tribofinishing machine.


Media : Metal, polymer, ceramic... They will generate the friction that causes the abrasion effect.

Abrasives : In powder or paste form... They will amplify the effect of friction.

Liquid : Water or oil... They will fluidify the mixture and limit the temperature increase induced by friction.


The frequency of oscillation or rotation of the tank has a strong influence on the movement of the load and therefore on the speed of abrasion.

The duration of the cycles is adjusted according to the desired effect; it can vary from a few minutes to several dozen hours.

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